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It seems like it was only yesterday when the Atomic Chihuahuas rose to prominence in the former metropolis of Gackle, North Dakota. Many things have of changed since then, but many things have remained the same. While there are no longer any nuclear breeder reactors located in the vicinity, there are still livestock breeding in nearby farms, many of which remain to this day completely unaware even of the the existence of the Atomic Chihuahuas altogether.

It seems that no effort to distill the essence of the Atomic Chihuahuas has ever been complete, and this site is no exception. We, the nuclear brotherhood of the chihuahuas, are charged with the monumental task of compiling all remaining recordings, press clippings and used kleenexes that may pertain to these curious young men, but we will not attempt to tell the story, as that will eventually be told in the form of a Triology, or if you will, Chihuology that is soon to be forthcoming.

Until then, please enjoy these pages that will gradually reveal the archives of the Time of the Atomic Chihuahuas.

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